Does Asheville Have City Bikes?

E-Bike in Asheville

The great thing about Asheville is that everything is pretty close together. On an electric bike, you have easy access to museums, boutiques, restaurants, breweries, art galleries, greenways and a whole lot more!

Many people visiting from larger cities wonder, does Asheville have city bikes?

What Are Citi BIkes?

Citi bikes are a subsidiary of Citibank. In larger cities, like New York, Citi offers subscription services for short distance bike rentals. For a monthly subscription, or a per ride fee, you can rent a bike from a kiosk, ride it around, and leave it at another kiosk.


Renting a bike makes getting around a big city super fun and easy! But, Citi bikes are not without their drawbacks.


Most Citi bikes are traditional bicycles, which means they do not have electric motors to help with the hills. In a flat city like New York, this does not create much of a problem. However, in a mountain town like Asheville the hills can be challenging for even the most experienced riders. Renting an electric bike takes the fear out of bicycling around Asheville.

Are Citi Bikes Any Good?

The biggest complaint I hear from people visiting from cities that have Citi bikes is that they are not well maintained. I have heard stories of riders renting bikes that had faulty brakes, gears that did not shift, and worse. Because of the kiosk nature, it is difficult for Citi to keep up with the maintenance on the bikes.

Does Asheville Have Citi Bikes?

Part of Asheville’s charm is the community’s support of local business. Citibank does not operate their bike rental service in Asheville. However, there are many ways to rent a bicycle while you are visiting. Most of our local bike shops rent traditional bicycles, and if you would like to rent an electric bike we would be happy to help!


We offer a four hour, eight hour, and multi day rentals on all of our electric bikes. You can pick one up from our convenient downtown location, ride around for the day, and drop it off with us when you’re done. Delivery is also available if you are within 5 miles of our downtown office.


As a local business, we are able to pay closer attention to the bikes we rent. Before every rental, our bikes go through an inspection process to guarantee they will be in optimal working order for the next renter.

If you would like to reserve an electric bike to explore all Asheville has to offer, please let us know. We are happy to set you up with a great electric bike rental experience!