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Explore Asheville By Electric Bike

Asheville E-Bikes offers four hour, daily and multi-day rentals of our state of the art electric bikes. You can schedule an appointment to pick your e-bike up at our convenient downtown location or let us bring one right to you! On an electric bike you can take in all Asheville has to offer. Every restaurant, art gallery, boutique and brewery is within a quick pedal. Leave the car behind and go explore!




Asheville was made for electric bikes! The city is known for its art galleries, restaurants, craft breweries and beautiful mountain scenery. Experience it all from your e-bike! Make the most of your vacation, and leave the car in the parking garage. Our e-bikes can take you anywhere you want to go in style and in comfort. The best part might be not needing a parking spot for dinner!

How Does it Work?

Book Your E-Bike

Reserve your electric bike online or over the phone. Sorry, no walk-ups.

Pickup or Delivery?

Choose to pick your ebike up at our office, or we can bring it right to you!

Explore Asheville

Let your electric bike take you anywhere you want to go! When you’re done, drop it off at our office, or tell us to come pick it up!

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If you are visiting Asheville and want an e-bike brought right to your door, let us know. We offer delivery and pick up on all day e-bike rentals within five miles of our location.

We’ll bring you your e-bike, give you a quick rundown on how to use it and send you off to explore!

An Earth-Friendly way to explore

E-bikes are an eco-friendly mode of transportation. They take pennies of electricity to charge and can transport you all over town without emitting a single molecule of carbon monoxide. Touring Asheville by electric bike also means you can stop and take in the scenery more often. There is so much to see in this beautiful city, and on your e-bike you won’t miss any of it. Leave the car in the parking garage and go explore! 

How Many Miles You Can Travel On A Single Charge
Molecules of Carbon Monoxide You'll Emit Into The Air
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How Many Times You Might Smile Along The Way

Explore Asheville By E-Bike

Asheville, NC is known for its beauty. The majority of the downtown area was built during the teens and twenties and is home to the second largest collection of art deco architecture in the Southeast. Check out our amazing restaurants, locally owned boutiques, craft breweries and art galleries, all within a quick pedal of one another. If you’d like to explore beyond the downtown district, there is so much within easy reach! 



Blix bicycles are the perfect e-bikes for exploring Asheville. Their low step through design make them super easy to ride, and their multiple levels of pedal assist mean hills stand no chance! Large powerful motors and long lasting batteries let you cruise up to 70 miles on a single charge.

Blix Electric Bikes

Asheville E-Bikes rents two different models from Blix Bikes, one of the fastest growing electric bike manufacturers in the country. Our e-bikes are fast, safe and comfortable for riders of different sizes and ability levels. Both feature class leading rear hub motors to give you the extra help you need to climb any hill. 

The Aveny

Electric bike rental near me

The Aveny is our go-to classic commuter style ebike. Stylish, powerful and comfortable, the Aveny is perfect for exploring Asheville and beyond. 

  • Fits riders from 5’1″-6’2″ tall
  • Carries up to 270lbs of weight.
  • Seven traditional bike gears.
  • Powerful 500W motor to take you up any hill.
  • Long lasting battery with 45 mile range.
  • Puncture resistant kevlar tires.
  • Front and Rear LED lights. 
  • Available child seat for little riders.
  • One ebike rental for the day or multiple days.
  • Electric bike delivery and pickup available in Asheville.
  • One helmet per rider to keep you safe.
  • One bike lock to keep the ebike safe.

The Packa

The Packa is our super versatile, super powerful, super long range electric bike. Fat tires, a more powerful motor and a larger battery make the Packa perfect for exploring even farther. An optional rear seat set up means you can even throw the kids on the back before you head out!

  • Packa ebikes can carry up to 400 lbs.
  • Designed for riders 5’1″-6″2″ tall.
  • Optional rear seat for older children/adults
  • Seven traditional bike gears.
  • More powerful 750W motor means hills stand no chance.
  • Dual battery system means you can travel a whopping 70 miles per charge! 
  • Puncture resistant kevlar tires.
  • Front and Rear LED lights. 
  • Available “VIP Section” provides safety and stability for rear passengers.
  • One ebike rental for the day or multiple days.
  • Electric bike delivery and pickup available in downtown Asheville.
  • One helmet per rider to keep you safe.
  • One bike lock to keep the ebike safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

You choose what time you’d like to start riding your electric bike. Book through our website and we will have it ready for you to pick up at our downtown location or choose to have it delivered.

Nope. 🙂 Honestly, we work by appointment only. If you visit our location without booking a rental, very likely no one will be there, and there won’t be any bikes. Please book ahead of time or call us if you are having trouble. Don’t show up and get disappointed!

• The Aveny is a great bike for exploring. It has a powerful motor to handle all of Asheville’s hills and a long lasting battery that will keep you riding all day. Its comfortable European-style design accommodates most riders easily.

•The Packa takes all of the great features of the Aveny and adds a more powerful motor and a second battery. If you plan to travel more than 45 miles during your rental, the Packa is the way to go (most renters travel 20). The Packa also has a higher weight capacity and the ability to transport larger children and adults on an optional rear seat.

We know your time is limited. We require all daily rentals to be back by 5:00, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it until then. If you finish early, let us know. We will arrange for an early pick up or coordinate a safe place to lock the bike up until we can grab it.

Riding in the rain is not fun for most people. We don’t expect you to slog around in a downpour. If the weather looks miserable on your rental day, we will contact you and let you decide. Our bikes are capable of riding in wet conditions, but we are happy to reschedule or offer a refund if the skies aren’t cooperating.