The Bikes

Asheville E-Bikes proudly rents Avenys and Packas from Blix Bikes. Blix makes the perfect electric bikes for exploring Asheville. They’re easy to ride, powerful, safe, and able to serve a wide variety of body sizes and ability levels. Hop on a bike and go!

Easy To Ride

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Our bikes have a low step through height, so they're easy to ride.

All of our bikes have a low stand over height, which means they are easy to get on and ride.



We chose our bikes because they’re easy to use, but they do require the same balance abilities of a regular bike. If it’s been awhile since you’ve ridden a regular bicycle, you might want to make sure you’ve still got the skills before booking your rental.

Fit Riders of Different SHapes and Sizes

Both of our bike models have a unique geometry that accommodates riders from 4’11 to over 6 feet tall with ease. 

Our Packa models can carry two people and have a class leading 400lb rider weight capacity. 

Keep in mind that if you’re renting one of our Packas or an Aveny with a child seat, the weight limit remains the same. The combined weight of both riders cannot exceed 400lbs on the Packa, 270lbs on the Aveny.

The Packa’s 400lb weight capacity accommodates a range of riders

Powerful and Easy to Use

An easy to use throttle lets you conquer any hill

All of our bikes feature five levels of pedal assist. This means you can choose how much the electric motor helps you. 

If you’d like to test your leg muscles against Asheville’s hills, go for it! But, rest assured that when you get tired your e-bike is there to help. With the push of a button, your bike will give you the extra boost to get you to the top.

Both of our models include a thumb throttle on the handlebar grip. You can rest your legs and let the bike do all the work!

Worry Free Riding

Blix Bikes use Samsung battery cells, the industry leader in long lasting light weight batteries. Our Aveny models can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge, which means you can explore all over town and not run out of juice. Our Packas have a dual battery system that allows you to travel over 70 miles for those who want to go a little farther!


Our electric bikes also feature wide puncture resistant tires, so you don’t have to worry about your ride getting cut short by a flat tire. (Of course we’d come to your rescue if you did get a flat!)

aveny e-bike back wheel
Wide puncture resistant tires keep you moving

Safety First

With bright lights front and back, our bikes keep you safe

All of our bikes feature built in LED headlights and tail lights that you can turn on and off from the LCD control panel. This means you’ll be easy to see day or night.


A built in brake light flashes when the brakes are applied, letting those behind you know what’s happening.

Our bikes are perfect for making the most of your time in Asheville. They’re an eco-friendly way to check out all the city has to offer. Easy to ride, safe, powerful and reliable, our e-bikes put you in control of your visit. Every brewery, restaurant, museum and art gallery is within easy reach!