Can You Buy Blix Electric Bikes In Asheville?

Asheville Electric Bike rentals near me

We get a lot of calls asking if we sell Blix bikes. Blix is one of the fastest growing electric bike manufacturers in the country, and their bikes are an excellent mid-price choice when it comes to purchasing an electric bike. 


Blix bikes are powerful, easy to use, fit a wide variety of user ability levels and sizes, and are priced to be attainable by a large number of consumers. 


We have a fleet of Blix bikes, here at Asheville E-Bikes, but we do not have a retail side to our business, only rentals.

Asheville E-Bikes is A Blix Rental Partner

We are lucky to be a rental partner with Blix. This means that prospective Blix customers can “try before they buy” by renting one of our electric bikes for a few hours, for the day, or even longer before committing to purchase. An electric bike is a big investment and it makes sense that someone would want to experience the bike before buying. Our electric bike rentals take some of the surprise out of purchasing online.

Blix is a Direct to Consumer manufacturer

All of that said, we do not sell Blix bikes. Blix is a direct to consumer manufacturer, which means that all sales happen through the Blix website. Afgter you purchase your Blix, your bike will be shipped directly to your door. It will take you roughly an hour or so to finish the assembly and you’ll be ready to ride!

Which Blix Models Do you rent?

Here at Asheville E-Bikes, we rent out two different models from Blix. We rent out the Aveny, which is a stylish commuter style bike, and we also rent out the Packa, the Blix cargo bike designed as a car replacement. Both bikes can be rented for as little as four hours, or as long as you like! We will set you up with a charger if you want to keep the bike overnight. 

Are there any Blix Bikes Coupons

Blix almost always has some sort of promotion going, so it’s a good idea to look around on their website before purchasing. One of the perks of being a Blix rental partner is that we can offer an additional discount by encouraging people to use the code Asheville50 at checkout. It’ll help you save a little money on your new Blix!